paul Spooner photo by Heini schneebeli

Born in 1948,Preston,Lancashire.He trained at Lancaster College of Art,Cardiff School of Art and

Goldsmith's College.In 1983 with the help of a grant from the crafts council he set up as a self-

employed automata artist and the rest is history.Although based in the remote village of Stithians,

near Falmouth, paul has exhibited his work across the world from Penzance to Japan and has

been commissioned to make work for Museums, Art gallerys and private individuals all around

the globe as well as writing and illustrating several books.

" My main reason for being a self employed automatist is that i like to spend all day alone in my

workshop listening to the radio - I have a deep seated hatred for Mrs Woolley ( peggy Archer )

and take care to make objects that, were she a real person, would dismay, annoy or insult her.

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